Concerned about weak teeth that keep fracturing?

Dental crowns are restorations that cover the outer surfaces of the visible parts of the natural teeth. They are bonded to the teeth using dental cements.

  • Crowns are generally indicated for most posterior teeth and some anterior teeth after root canal treatments. This is due to the fact that after root canal treatments, the teeth can become brittle and crowns can reduce the likelihood of fracture
  • They are also used to reduce the likelihood of teeth fracturing if the teeth are heavily filled particularly with extensive amalgam restorations
  • They can be used to improve the look and function of teeth, where the strength of these natural teeth have become compromised due to extensive wear from grinding, clenching, fracture and extensive decay
  • Porcelain fused to metal crowns and metal crowns
  • Non-metal crowns



Call our Templestowe based dentist today on 9846 2630 if you are concerned about brittle/weak teeth, malaligned teeth or root filled teeth.

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