Having a toothache and looking for an effective, comfortable solution that meets your needs?

We welcome patients who require emergency treatment please call us on 9846 2630 so we can help to relieve your dental pain.

There are varying degrees of dental pain.
  1. Sensitivity – the teeth are sensitive for a few seconds when hot/cold/sweet food or drinks are consumed. Treatment for this can range from applying toothpaste for sensitive teeth to the relevant areas to avoiding the causes. This condition is usually reversible.
  2. Pain that lasts longer than a few seconds – relief of this pain can be achieved generally by filling the cavities of the relevant teeth.
  3. Pain that is spontaneous, wakes you up at night – this pain indicates that damage through deep decay, cracks, gum disease and/or trauma have led to death of the nerve. When the nerve dies, the tooth either needs to be extracted or treated with a root canal therapy, otherwise an abscess and consequent bone loss will result. When an infected tooth is left in the mouth for long periods of time it can affect a patient’s general health, and possibly limit the options for teeth replacement if the resulting bone loss is significant.

Root canal treatment involves the cleaning, disinfecting, and medicating of the entire root canal. The root canal is the internal part of the tooth which contains blood vessels and nerves. This procedure is achieved by cleaning the infected nerve from the tooth and then replacing it with a stable filling.

After the root canal procedure is completed the tooth generally becomes slightly more brittle, so in order to reduce the risk of fracture, it is recommended that a crown is placed, especially for a posterior tooth.


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