If you have lost your teeth, you can get them replaced with a denture.
There are various types of dentures:
  • Full/complete denture- it is used when all your teeth are missing
  • Partial denture- it is used when some but not all of your teeth are missing
Depending on the material used for fabrication of the denture the types are-

Acrylic – The denture base (the area that comes in contact with your gums) is made out of acrylic resin. The artificial teeth are attached to this base. It is very easy to add teeth to these dentures, however they tend to be slightly thick and bulky.

Cobalt chrome – The base is made of metal and artificial teeth are attached to it. It has a good fit and hence is extremely comfortable for the patient. It has clasps that get support from neighboring teeth and rests that prevent up-down movements.

One consideration is that metal clasps can sometimes be visible depending on the alignment of your teeth and position of the replacement teeth.

Valplast – The denture base is made out of a flexible material and the same material extends around the supporting tooth to act as a clasp. It is one of the newest innovations in the field of prosthetic dentistry.

This denture is very comfortable as far as the fit is concerned and there are no metal clasps which means the aesthetics are better than with a cobalt chrome denture. However sometimes it is not as easy to add teeth to this denture.

Immediate denture – this type of denture is placed immediately after tooth removal. It is generally made of acrylic but also can be made from cobalt chrome. It is useful when a tooth needs to be extracted but an immediate tooth replacement is required for aesthetics and or function.

It needs to be relined about 3 months after its placement as the tissue will shrink after the extraction. The relining process will make the denture better fitting after this shrinkage has occurred.


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