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July 26

How to remove an Inman Aligner the easy way


The Inman Aligner teeth straightening solution has been successful due to the ease of which dental clients can remove and install the Inman Aligner unit plus the effective spring system famous for aligning teeth pain free.

Step one. Open the mouth and relax the jaw

Step two. Place your finger on the clip at the back of the frame

Step three.
Pop your finger outwards and the plate will release

Very simple to do. The video below the plate component simply pulls out once the sprung brackets are released. Very simple to do and the pressure of the spring is what makes the Inman Aligner so unique and so effective. You can see she simply releases the pressure spring with her finger and it pops out straight away.

You can also see a progress photograph of the teeth aligning and teeth straightening process as shown in this image below for another patient using Inman Aligner



You can see some Inman Aligner Training here

We also recommend reading this article which has an honest review of Inman Alignment system

This is another view of the aligner working inside a mouth

There are some different styles of solutions available including the back teeth and the best advice is to come in to Dr Ang’s Dental Practice servicing Templestowe, Doncaster, Manningham, Balwyn, Heidleberg and other surrounding suburbs.

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