Teeth Whitening

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Why choose us for your Teeth Whitening?

We will advise you on the most suitable option for you, even if its the cheapest

  • We want you to decide on an option which is right for you, in terms of time, budget and convenience. We have Zoom customised trays & stock tray take home kits.

We have a complimentary life time teeth whitening program

  • If your diet has potentially teeth staining foods/drinks in it eg coffee, tea, red wine, curry, coloured sauces, etc then your teeth will re stain after your teeth whitening. So if you decide upon our customised teeth whitening option ($360) every time you come for your 6 monthly checkups and scalings, you will get a complimentary teeth whitening gel top up.

We have different types of teeth whitening to suit different needs

  • Home teeth whitening trays can be in the form of Opalescence Go non customised trays with Fees $220 for 10 trays for the top and 10 trays for the lower teeth.
  • If you do have sensitive teeth – you can have custom trays made for your teeth by taking impressions at the dental practice. They give you a uniform distribution of whitening gel to your teeth and also for optimal retention of the trays in your mouth. The custom trays are simple and safe to use. Depending on how much whitening is desired and how light/dark the original teeth shade is, the time can take anywhere from a few days up to a few weeks for a noticeable result. The fees for this is $360. This type of whitening is also suitable for people who are able to sleep with trays in their mouth and may have tried in chair whitening but it hasn’t given them the desired effect. As part of this – we will automatically enrol you into our free Teeth Whitening for life program – which means that you will get free top up whitening gel at your 6 monthly checkup and clean appointment for life.

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Replacing Metal Fillings

The results of teeth whitening are different to the results that can be achieved with porcelain veneers. There is a limit to how white your natural teeth can become. We are unable to predict how your teeth will respond to the whitening gel. Often celebrities which have teeth that appear ultra white, have had porcelain veneers.

Shiny and healthy white teeth look pleasing aesthetically. With such shiny teeth, you would love to show them off in front of the camera or while talking to others. But when the teeth start getting discoloured or yellowing of the teeth then it may lead to embarrassing moments and you would shy away from speaking to others.

We have a good news for all of those who have dreamed to have that perfect white smile. The teeth whitening technique would help you get those shiny pearls back without any kind of surgery or invasive methods.

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What is Teeth Whitening?

Our teeth are basically comprised of three different layers.

  • White enamel or famously known as outer coating
  • Dentin which is substance present under the enamel. It is yellowish in colour
  • Pulp which is the actual living part and it contains multiple nerves and blood vessels.

The teeth whitening is a simple and easy procedure for improving that smile. It has turned out to be one of the popular dental treatments made available. We have seen patients regaining their confidence back post this treatment. This technique provides patients with whiter and brighter teeth. This means a marked improvement in their aesthetics.

We call it a long term investment when taken care of properly. This treatment fits would easily fit in your budget since it is not a heavily affair. Our team strives to provide the best dental services to its patients.

This procedure lightens your teeth thus helps in removing any kind of discolouration or stains. Once you get it done, it can instantly enhance your facial appearance and give you that boosts. But this is not a one-time process, you may need to visit our clinic from time to time for maintaining the whiteness.

What are the teeth whitening options?

At Quality Dentistry, we understand how important that smile is. Hence we strive to make it better and healthy by introducing various treatment options. We offer two whitening treatment options.

  • At-Home Teeth whitening: If you need to get this treatment done at home without visiting the clinic then surely it can be done. We provide a close-fitting teeth whitening trays along with a whitening gel. Just apply this whitening gel to the tray. Once you apply it properly, all you need to do is wear it constantly for one hour every day. This should be done at least for one to two weeks for achieving good results.

How are we of help?

Our dentists would firstly check the reason of discoloration or stains; after which they would be advising on the right type of teeth whitening technique.

Contact us today on 03 9846 2630 to discuss with Dr Ang what you would like to achieve so she can recommend the most suitable teeth whitening treatment for you.