Tooth Coloured Fillings

When a tooth has lost part of its structure due to fracture, decay, harsh toothbrushing, extensive wear or simply if the tooth is misshaped, its structure can be restored using tooth coloured filling. In the past, amalgam was used for filling posterior teeth, but now composite and porcelain can be used instead; they generally have the similar strength as amalgam now and have the benefits of blending in with the natural teeth.

Oftentimes, the missing tooth structure can be replaced with the tooth coloured filling materials without a local anaesthetic. But if a local anaesthetic is required, we place numbing gel on the gum before to make the process comfortable.

Benefits of tooth coloured fillings:
  • They possess good strength and resistance against fracturing
  • The composite/porcelain can be made to look just like your natural teeth
  • They can be repaired easily
  • They do not require much preparation of the natural tooth and they adhere to the teeth by bonding. Thus they provide good strength and good retention.




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