Gentle Dentistry

Gentle Dentistry

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Why choose us for your General Dentistry needs ?

We will only recommend treatment you need

Many people fear being recommended unnecessary treatment by a dentist. We are committed to integrity and honesty in our work. 

We help you save $ on your long term dental problems

  • We place a strong emphasis on prevention because we believe a lot of complex, costly treatments can be prevented. We will show you how. 

We like to make your visit comfortable

  • We understand that coming to the dentist isn’t your favorite thing to do, so our dentists are gentle, kind and patient, we have cushions for your neck/back and you can watch the Netflix programs you like during your treatment.

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We take the time to listen to your questions & concerns

  • We know that having your teeth done can sometimes be concerning, so we take the time to listen to you and patiently answer your questions.

We have over 40 years collectively serving the community 

  • We have had a long term commitment to quality, value & gentleness and have the privilege of seeing many patients, their kids, and grandkids.

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At Quality Dentistry, we are committed to treating any of patients with respect and compassion.

We have a strong belief in providing skilled dental services along with a comprehensive treatment plan. Our solutions are designed to address both the short time and long-term oral care.

At Dr Ang’s Dental Practice, we believe complex problems can be prevented with thorough and regular checkups, education and reviewing of effective oral home care, and a comprehensive approach to dental health.

General Dentistry at Dr Ang’s Dental Practice can include anything from checkups, teeth cleaning, fillings, emergency treatment and restoring cracked teeth.

Our Responsibility as dentists:

  • Carrying out a thorough oral examination of the gums, teeth, jaw and tongue.
  • We check for any signs of bad breath, swelling, cavity, shaky tooth, old fillings etc.
  • If necessary, we recommend the patient to also have dental X-rays so as to help in diagnosing any particular dental problem.
  • Professional dental cleaning for removing tartar and plaque.
  • Checking for any symptoms of oral cancer.

Our goal as dentists:

As dentists we aim to achieve a sense of satisfaction from our customers when it comes to their oral health and hygiene. This is achieved through:

  • Treating all of our patients as a priority.
  • Treating our patients with care, respect and compassion.
  • To make our patients feel at ease and comfortable
  • Providing a unique dental experience
  • Providing suggestions and educating our patients on how to take care of their oral health.

Our Services:

At Quality Dentistry, you would receive quality service and care at each step of your treatment. Our team of dentists are friendly and would make you feel very comfortable. They would explain in detail how to maintain oral hygiene and also any specific care required. We provide a range of services to our patients:

  • Professional Cleaning
  • Children’s Dentistry
  • Porcelain Crowns
  • Porcelain Bridges
  • Implants
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Root Canals

We believe in fixing any dental issues before they start to become problematic. Hence a proactive approach is used for getting that healthy smile on our patients. Our team of dentists will educate the patients on how to maintain their oral hygiene. 

fixing dental issue

As per certain experiments, it has been proven that the bacteria which are mostly linked with gum related diseases may tend to cause problems in other parts of the body such as heart disease. 

Even when you do not suffer from dental issues, it is always a good idea to go in for a thorough oral examination once every 6 months. Dr Ang’s Dental Practice provides high treatment standards. We do not compromise on the services provided to our patients.


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