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Why Choose Us for your Checkups?

Big Emphasis on Prevention

We want to help you keep your teeth as long as possible, and aim to minimise the need for complicated costly treatment.

A dental check-up would involve a complete oral examination. It would include examination of the gums, mouth and teeth. The check-up would be carried out by our skilled team of dentist. They would be examining for any signs of oral problems which can later turn out to be a major issue. At Quality Dentistry, we normally recommend everyone to have six monthly check-ups. You can book an appointment with us for the routine check-up.

The check-ups are carried out in a pain free environment. With the help of modern technology and the skills of the dentist makes the process smoother and easier.

What do we need to know during the check-up?

Check-ups are basically a way for the dentist to know the oral health of the patient better. During the first consultation we would want to find out more about your general and oral health. You would also need to disclose any of the medical conditions you are going through. This has a major role during the diagnoses and treatment. Another important thing we would want to know is, what medicines you are currently taking. In short we would want to know all of your medical information

The initial meetings are also a good way of discussing any fear or phobia. We have seen a lot of patient getting too anxious when it comes to visiting a dentist. At our clinic, we provide a comfortable and calm environment for the patient to settle down before we begin with any dental procedure. If you had any prior bad dental experiences, you can open up and tell us about the same.

Once we complete the consultation process, one of our dentist would carry out a complete oral check-up. This would be then followed by a brief overview regarding your oral health, if there are any current issues that needs to be addressed and so on. We would also be discussing the treatment procedures and its cost respectively.

What does the check-up comprise of?

During your entire check-up procedure, a dental hygienist or a dentist would be accompanying you. They would constantly check on any difficulty you have been facing since your last visit. You would be asked to settle down in a chair and the procedure would begin.

We check for a number of things during the check-up procedures:

  • Presence of any cavities.
  • If there is plaque or tartar on the teeth both inside and out.
  • Gums would be examined for any swelling or pain
  • If the space present in between the gum and teeth is shallow
  • Unusual growth of gums
  • Signs for oral cancer
  • Thoroughly examine the tongue, face, jaw, neck and throat for signs of any infections

A detailed review of the check-up would be provided to the patient once the process is completed. If any certain area needs treatment, then the same would be discussed with them. If required, we would also recommend the patient to carry out an X-ray for ascertaining the main problem.

The X-ray would provide us with a detailed view with regards to decay in between the teeth, any jaw alignment and presence of cysts or abscesses. If there is a need for return visit, then another appointment would be booked as per the convenience of the patient.

At every stages of your treatment, we would be happy to serve you and also educate you better on every aspect. Whether it is regarding the diet to be followed post a treatment or brushing techniques.

If you haven’t yet visited a dentist, this is the right time to give us a call and book an appointment for a detailed check-up.