Your First Visit With Us

We love meeting new patients!


New Patients at Quality Dentistry

Why choose us for your dental care?

We will tell you the truth

* We will not suggest treatment you don’t need

* We will ask you for your long term aesthetic and dental health goals and then will advise you as to the possible ways to meet those goals

We will advise you on ways to minimize treatment in the long term

* We believe that a lot of complex treatment can be minimized by a long term preventive approach

* This may mean sometimes making adjustments to your diet, brushing/flossing technique etc so that you minimize the risk of decay, gum disease and broken fillings/teeth

Our fees are reasonable

* We have done a comparison with our fees and other local dentists, for the time we spend with you and the way we care for you, we know our fees are very reasonable

We will quote our fees to you before we start

* We like our patients to know what is happening with their treatment, in terms of the procedure and the fees, so we can build good, harmonious, long lasting relationships

You will be treated with patience and kindness

* We have all had to have treatment done too, so we have faced the same concerns as you, so we will treat you the way we want to be treated also

 We will happily answer the queries or concerns you may have

* We know having your teeth done can be daunting. It’s like when we have had to have our computers repaired and we don’t understand the lingo/terminology/procedures, we just need someone to patiently and happily answer our questions, so we don’t feel silly or our questions irrelevant. So we will answer your questions with the same care that our computer guy answers ours.

 We involve you in your treatment decisions

* We like for our patients to feel that they have a say in which treatment options they prefer, once we have presented them. We listen to your financial concerns, time lines to work towards, long term considerations.

What to expect for your first visit

  • we like to get to know you, what your needs and wants are, what things are important to you when you are visiting the dentists, find out what questions you have and anything else you think is relevant to your dental care. So we will require you to fill out a medical questionnaire, dental questionnaire which will take about 10-20 minutes depending on the needs you have.
  • During the first visit we will do a comprehensive examination of your teeth, soft tissues, take x rays, cosmetic consultation, photographs, impressions and study models. We will then run through all the treatment options available to you, if this requires us to do some treatment planning, then we will present the quotation to you at your next visit.

What to bring

  • Names of medications you are on
  • Your Health insurance card (if you are a member of a Health fund) so we can claim your health insurance rebate on the spot

Parking, wheelchair access

There is car parking onsite, wheelchair access

How do I refer patients to your practice?

We value relationships. We get asked by many patients if they can refer friends/family to see us, and our answer is of course – yes! We appreciate you referring your friends and family to our practice and are always committed to providing the best treatment and service to your family and friends.