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Why choose us for your scaling?


  • We can use numbing mouthwash, numbing gel to make your scaling more comfortable. We also use as light a touch as possible.

Checking for bone loss

  • Sometimes gums appear healthy on the surface, but after checking with our measuring tools we see that bone loss has occurred, so we show you how to stop it from getting worse.
  • We want you to maintain your teeth for as long as possible, so we will instruct you on how to care for them well at home.


Teeth cleaning and scaling is a common dental procedure that plays a vital role when it comes to treating periodontal diseases. At Quality Dentistry, we believe in caring for the good health of your gums and teeth. It is our constant endeavour to provide best in class dental treatment at an affordable pricing. Quality Dentistry has the best on the job dentists who provide a complete cleaning and scaling services. This is required for an optimum oral health.

Why do I need teeth cleaning and scaling?

Over a period of time, our teeth tend to accumulate tartar and plaque. When this is not cleaned then it can lead to gum diseases and decaying of the tooth. Hence it is always recommended to at least brush twice a day. Brushing and flossing is a must if you need to achieve a good oral health.

In today’s fast paced life’s our regular brushing and flossing is also done in a hurry. Hence even when we carry out this routine daily, there are cases of tartar, bad breath, plaque on the teeth and so on. In such situations, you would need to get a professional cleaning done from a well-known dentist.

What is this procedure all about?

Teeth scaling and cleaning is a non-surgical and painless treatment. This is a deep cleaning procedure that basically involves scaling out all of the plaque, toxins and tartar that is present on the surface of the teeth and also in between the gums. This procedure is normally carried out as a first step of treating any periodontal diseases.

Our team makes use of special instruments for carrying out this procedure. This is a painless procedure but if you still have sensitive teeth or get anxious, we ask our patients to stop us in the midst of the procedure. For us, it is the comfort of the patient that also matters in addition to performing the procedure with gentle care.

Once we identify the areas that need deep cleaning, with the help of the special instruments any of those toxins and deposits are removed. Once the procedure is done, a cool mist is sprayed for removing any additional debris or food particles.

For patients who have sensitive tooth or gums or those who suffer from diseased gum, we first administer local anaesthesia so that the tissue starts to numb. For any kind of sensitivity post the procedure, we would recommend a paste to provide relief.

Why visit Quality Dentistry for Professional cleaning?

  • Our clinic is manned by some of the best team of dental hygienists and dentist. Each member is experienced in the dental field and are well-versed for any kind of emergencies.
  • We also have world-class cutting edge technology when it comes to teeth cleaning and scaling.
  • We aim to provide the best professional cleaning service hence we strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible during the entire procedure.
  • You can also call us the dentist for the entire family. We understand the needs of every patient irrespective of their age group. Hence provide a modern and safe environment for addressing all of your dental concerns.
  • Once you complete the professional cleaning procedure, our dental hygienist would also guide you the correct technique for brushing and flossing. This would at least ensure that the formation of tartar and plaque is avoided or minimised.

If you are wondering that the calculus and tartar on your tooth can be removed by vigorously brushing it then you would be only harming your gum further. Do not take your oral health for granted.

Call us today and book an appointment for professional cleaning. Our team of dentist would provide a better overview of the cleaning procedure and other formalities.