Composite Fillings

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Why choose us for your Composite Fillings?

Gentle approach

  • We know that having an injection can be unpleasant and in some cases, we may not need to numb you for some fillings. We treat many children and anxious patients who find our approach comfortable and simple

We only recommend the fillings you need

  • We know it is a common fear that patients have that they might be recommended treatments they don’t need. Since we believe in conserving as much natural tooth structure as possible, we only recommend the work you need

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Quality of work and materials

  • We take the time to restore the tooth with an insulative lining material (if the cavity is deep) that is adaptive to the tooth’s natural flexing movements during chewing so that there is less chance of the filling failing. The bulk filling material on top of the lining (if used) also has the same adaptive qualities.
  • We use a careful layering approach during the filling process to increase the strength and bonding of the filling material to the tooth.
  • We use reliable, quality assured products made by manufacturers such as 3M, used by cosmetic and general dentists all over the world

We can help you decrease the need for fillings

  • When the decay is very superficial, we sometimes don’t need to fill the teeth, and can instruct you what you can do at home to prevent the decay from spreading to the deeper layers, rather than immediately filling the teeth

Right Dental Treatment Advice

We understand that having fillings is boring/uncomfortable

  • We have a TV in the surgeries that you can watch during your treatment.
  • You can watch your favourite Netflix shows or youtube videos to distract you whilst we are working on your teeth

We want your fillings to last

  • Fillings can still break or get decay under them, so we instruct you how to decrease the chances that your fillings break or get new cavities, so that they last longer.

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Composite fillings are the white fillings that have a similar appearance to the colour of your natural teeth.

At Dr Ang’s Dental Practice, we understand that having fillings done is not fun. But we can definitely make it as comfortable and assuring as possible. Composite fillings are the white fillings that look tooth like. They are made of a hybrid made from glass and resin.They can be applied easily to the teeth, and can be used to fill holes, make contact points tighter so less food gets stuck.They are a good aesthetic solution where there isn’t too much too structure missing, in which case crowns or veneers would be more suitable.