Replacing Metal Fillings

Feeling self conscious
about your dark fillings?

Concerned about the possible harmful effects of amalgam?

When a tooth has a cavity, or has lost part of its overall structure, we can restore the tooth using tooth coloured fillings. Previously amalgam was used for filling back teeth, but now composites and porcelain are being used instead. They have similar strength to amalgam but have the added benefit of blending in with the natural tooth.

Benefits of tooth coloured fillings

  • Composite possesses good strength and resistance against fracturing
  • Composites and porcelain are made to look just like your natural teeth
  • They do not require much cutting of the natural tooth and they adhere to the tooth very well

Composite resins have been developed to have the equivalent high strength that the older metal fillings had, but with a better bonding system that allows more conservation of your natural teeth, that was not possible with metal fillings. Composite fillings flex to the same degree that your natural teeth flex during chewing motions, which means that the bond between the composite and your teeth lasts longer than the bond between a metal filling and your natural tooth. In fact teeth with metal fillings often have much higher rates of fracture than those restored with composite fillings.

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