What are express porcelain veneers

At Quality Dentistry we are innovating a new style of veneers suited for people who are not comfortable about having their teeth filed or modified to suit standard veneers, and for those short on time. Here is some information about the new system and the benefits they provide.

What are express porcelain veneers?

They are thin pieces of porcelain that are custom-built to fit over the front of the teeth you already have. We bond these to your natural teeth to make them look and work better than your current teeth. Once in place they will last through many years and provide that sort after smile and Hollywood look.

What Are Express Porcelain Veneers Used For?

Essentially, they are used to improve your appearance by making your teeth straighter, whiter and more appealing. Our instant Hollywood smiles veneers are a great choice if you need a fixed way in which to correct your teeth if they are chipped, crooked, small or stained. Our system is good because the end result is both permanent and not easily tarnished. This is a good choice for those who don’t want to have a lot of work done on their teeth but do want to make their smile brighter. Although teeth whitening is available, it doesn’t work as well as express porcelain veneers for those who drink coffee or red wine regularly.

How Are Express Porcelain Veneers Applied?

The nice thing about express porcelain veneers is that drilling isn’t necessary, but some minor contouring may need to be done. Alot of folk have crooked teeth, gaps in their teeth or teeth that are not matched or straight at the top. Express veneers are perfect for these clients and the feedback so far has been excellent.

Instant Porcelain Veneers are  great news for anyone who’s concerned about having their teeth cut and shaped for traditional veneers. And please don’t feel embarrassed about not wanting the modification procedure used on stand veneers. It is very common and perfectly normal and not for every one and this is why we offer the alternative which are Holly Wood Express Veneers.

Is the procedure painless and easy?

The system is very simple and works by placing the veneers on your teeth in just three appointments.
On your first appointment, your needs are discussed so that a treatment plan can be created.
Your next appointment is when your teeth are prepared for the veneers.

What are express porcelain veneers and how are your teeth prepared for them?
Molds are taken of the teeth, a bite taken so that the lab knows the correct alignment and shape to build the teeth. If necessary the dentist may need to adjust the teeth slightly so you get the aesthetics you want, but this will all be discussed with you
Then your third appointment is when your dentist bonds them to your teeth and makes any necessary adjustments.

They’re about offering a technique that’s not very invasive. Since these veneers are so thin, your dentist can easily bond them to your teeth where traditional veneers require more work. Nonetheless, they still do a great job of making your teeth look beautiful again.

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